Treble Review: Dove House-Perfect Life

After the successful release of Unstable back in March, the Dove House guys are back again with yet another single release and absolute banger Perfect Life. The thing that we really love about Dove House is their consistency and perseverance and it really does pay off. We here at Treble with the Bass have had multiple readers over the past few months comment on their music and ask about the guys progress in the industry and no doubt these guys will surely be making some serious tracks within the music industry in no time!

Perfect Life in essence is simply just another example of Dove House refining and advancing in their craft. We thought Unstable was one of the best tracks to come from these guys but now we have learnt that every track to come from these guys can often better the last. Perfect Life in true Dove House style still utilises instrumental elements such as strong hooks, synths and Jack Peacocks mesmerising vocals that just keeps improving the fundamental element that gives Dove House their very own distinct identity and artistic flair.

Perfect Life is lyrically vivid and some of the best writing I have seen from Dove House, “How can I be cynical, emotionally digital, I’ve got nothing to say” …what a statement to get listeners thinking. And yes this does beat the Cheap Tricks whole “Rolex on finance” lyric which still makes me chuckle. I honestly cannot wait for these guys to headline arena shows and no not because of the free tickets and drinks but because these guys deserve it and the fact that they already sound like musical legends says it all.

To find out more about Dove House and their upcoming gigs, releases and news then please follow the links below and keep yourselves informed:

Dove House Website
Dove House Facebook
Dove House Twiter
Dove House Instagram
Dove House Soundcloud
Dove House YouTube
Dove House Spotify


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