Treble Review: Oceans-What You Did To Me Single

Once in a while a band comes along that does not fit into the confining walls of a box to be identified within. Oceans are in a league of their own, a completely immersed fusion of the influences from alternative rock and post-hardcore, they create their own waves and it is up to you to dive in.

Oceans are built up out of five amazingly talented individuals, no surprise there, ay?

Tom Hollands and Conor Hyde on Guitar, Jack Squire on Bass, James Gillingham on Drums and Zach Silver on Vocals. These guys are a force to be reckoned with.

Their brand new single What You Did To Me set to be released on Monday 17th April followed by a launch party at The Prince Albert Brighton on Wednesday 19th April, is a product of their ability to simply create.

What You Did To Me was brought to our attention and thank the musical Gods that it was. We were lucky enough to have been able to get an exclusive sneak peak of the single and we can tell you now that this track embodies the life of a party through flawless instrumentation, with the soul of pure honesty of a true heart, through the melodic vocals. Zach Silvers vocals are cutting, they draw you in and transport you into a wonderland where you are right there in the audience listening to Oceans play right before you. The musical arrangement of this piece specifically has been well composed to allow the listener to hear everything that is going on in the mix, compared to other somewhat similar bands whom compact a lot of music into such a small space, this shows off Oceans advanced musical ability to leave space for each other.

Witnessing this band play in person is one of the most captivating moments you will have, you won’t be dissapointed.

To find out more about Oceans follow the links below to keep yourselves informed on upcoming gigs, releases and tours:

Oceans Facebook
Oceans Twitter
Oceans Bandcamp
Oceans Instagram

Oceans YouTube
Oceans SoundCloud


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